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A few months ago, the lovely Luna from Luna's Little Library had interviewed me for Diversity Month, asking me about diversity in books. Obviously, I was thrilled to have been interviewed on something that I am passionate about, although, it's made me realise that there is some to little diversity in books which is not okay.

When I was younger, I used to read books where a girl would always fall for the guy (yes, I am aware that I have gone for a cliché theme in most of my childhood books, but stay with me) and I had always thought that it was the "norm" for every story, and for every person in the world. Back then, I didn't have the slightest idea that people could love whomever they wished, because books had never taught me any of that. Rather, it was more a girl meets a guy and BAM true love. It wasn't until I got into more young adult/middle-grade novels, where I began to learn that what my childhood taught me wasn't entirely true.

Recently, I wanted to break away from the novels where the protagonist was considered either "weak" or ended up with a predictable character for a romance, so I went book shopping. In most online bookstores, you can just type in "ya books" and whole selection will appear on a screen like so:

However when I go into type (I'm using this as an example) "lgbt/gay/lesbian/trans/etc books" into the search bar I get this:

Unless I go onto the interwebs and ask the Great Google for LGBT (again, as an example) books to read, find a book, then type the book into the search bar, I won't get any results. This is really disappointing because I want to learn about a different culture, or a country that I wish to travel to, but it's hard to find such diverse books. If it's non-fiction, then sure, there are books about different people and cultures, but I want fiction. I want something that I will enjoy reading on a Sunday afternoon.

there are some books that I have read that are extrememely diverse and are actually my favourites, so here are my recommendations!

In order: 

I Am Malala by Malala Yousafzai

Girl Heart Girl by Lucy Sutcliffe 

All of the Above by Juno Dawson

Can I Tell You About Gender Diversity by C.J. Atkinson

Although this is my opinion, and I think that we need more diversity in books, I'd love to hear your thoughts! Do you feel the same? Have you got any books to recommend?

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