REVIEW: Cell 7 by Kerry Drewery


29864658Title: Cell 7
Author: Kerry Drewery
Publisher: Hot Key Books
Publication date: September 22nd, 2016
Genres: young adult, dystopia, romance
Pages: 384
Format: ARC
Source: Publisher

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Should she live or die? You decide 

An adored celebrity has been killed. Sixteen-year-old Martha Honeydew was found holding a gun, standing over the body.

Now Justice must prevail.

The general public will decide whether Martha is innocent or guilty by viewing daily episodes of the hugely popular TV show Death is Justice, the only TV show that gives the power of life and death decisions - all for the price of a phone call.

Martha has admitted to the crime. But is she guilty? Or is reality sometimes more complicated than the images we are shown on TV?

With a highly exciting premise, I simply couldn't wait to read Cell 7. The idea of the general public deciding whether someone was gulity or innocent appeared to be really interesting, its eerie tale drew me in, and from reading the blurb I thought that it would be fascinating book to devour. However this book had its ups and downs: there were moments were I highly enjoyed Cell 7, and there were some areas in which I did not, but the enjoyable moments clearly outweigh the latter. 

Here's the run down of Cell 7: Martha, a sixteen-year-old murders a well-loved celebrity, and it put on what is known as 'death row'. However, rather than there being a trial in a court, the public decides whether Martha should die for her crime or not through voting on a TV show entitled 'Death is Justice'. The aspect of this story is interesting, it had a very 'Big Brother' feel to it, with Martha being watched by the general public. The writing format for Cell 7 was entertaining, I thought that the plot relected the length of time Martha spent on 'Death Row', which I found to be very clever because it felt as though you were in the cells along with Martha. 

However, I thought that the amount of narratives were too much. I often got confused by who the narrative was from, and, at times, made the plot a little bit messy - especially towards the end. I aldo did find that some aspects of Cell 7 were repetive which made the novel drone on a bit towards the end. There were areas in the story where I would have loved Drewery to developed on, as I thought that it would've cleared up some of the events in the story itself. 

Aside from the negatives, this was a pretty good book to read. I thought that the ending was a nice sum up, and it makes you ready for the sequel. Whilst I didn't feel an overall connection with the characters, I found the way that Drewery had written them were amazing - they didn't merge into one character, each of them appeared to be their own individuals. Cell 7 is the first book in a new series, and I'm looking forward to see what Drewery is planning. 

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